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How to solve GGX roughness from existing maps

I have a problem that I cannot really wrap my head around. I have a minimal light stage setup to scan heads: I have cross polarized cameras and parallel polarized cameras. I have parallel polarized ...
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How is Aperture and Pixel Size accounted for in calculating received power using ray tracing?

NOTE: Deleting the question to rephrase it after continuing to read other responses and toy around with it: I've written a path tracer and am now working on implementing a physically accurate way of ...
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Diffuse irradiance map : confusion about photometric vs radiometric units

I have spent the longest amount of time just taking the terminology for granted & have only just recently started studying or at least trying to understand the difference between radiometric and ...
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What is this vertical line contour effect in glitch art called?

Some underlying portrait above is glazed over with a series of vertical lines that neatly follow the contours of the face. What is this effect called and how can it be replicated, step-by-step, in ...
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How to use Photometric Units with Rendering Equation?

So I was just reading up on how to create more Physically Based Lights and wandered into the realm of photometry. I read the paper "Moving FrostBite to PBR" and in it the author claims he decided to ...
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Calculating intensities of Virtual Point Lights in Instant Radiosity from IES lights

Short introduction I created a function that interpolates the IES luminious intensities (candelas) using Hermite interpolation, so in my code all light sources have $I(\theta, \phi)$ function - but ...
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How do you sample an analogue image and store it in a true-colour frame buffer? [closed]

I really cannot get my head around on this issue - how does an analogue image is sampled and then stored in a ture-colour frame buffer (e.g. in a camera) and how do you prevent noise when you do so? ...
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What is stereo about multi-view stereo?

What 3D scene reconstruction methods does the term "multi-view stereo" encompass? Is it only used for methods that apply binocular stereo algorithms (taking 2 views as input) in a pairwise manner? Or ...
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Rendering in radiometric units or photometric?

In traditional rendering, it is typical to do all the calculations with radiometric units, either as full spectral rendering, or component-wise (XYZ, RGB, etc). However, as modern rendering adds more ...
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