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Lambertian surface and the luminous intensity

I am currently studying the basics of photometry to better understand the rendering equation of Kajiya. One thing I'm currently struggling with is Lambert's cosine law. Let's go over the premises: A ...
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How is Aperture and Pixel Size accounted for in calculating received power using ray tracing?

NOTE: Deleting the question to rephrase it after continuing to read other responses and toy around with it: I've written a path tracer and am now working on implementing a physically accurate way of ...
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Eye long term response to light/shade configurations and software to deal with them

I am unsure about whether to ask this here, or on the biology or medical sciences Stack Exchange. If more appropriate there, please migrate my post. My question regards adaptation of the iris and the ...
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light spectrum reflection / absorbation?

I would like to know how material works with respect to light. first of all, I've a lightsource e.g. the sun. The sun has a spectrum like figure1 Figure1 When an object is illuminated by the sun, how ...
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Sampling Quad Shape Light Using Spherical Rectangles in Local Space

The paper "An Area-Preserving Parametrization for Spherical Rectangles" describes an efficient approach for sampling solid angles for rectangle light sources. I am wondering if The light ...
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