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Which thread should own, acquire and present a window surface?

I’m writing a multithreaded renderer. It happens to use wgpu in Rust, but that probably has no bearing on my question except perhaps it will influence my terminology. Currently, I have two threads, a ...
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Vulkan Queue (Family), Command (pool) and Hardware usage

I have some questions about the GPU usage of Queues / Queue families, command buffer / pool. I am reading the Book: ...
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Graphics APIs: read/write the same texture

I know we can't bind the same texture as an input resource to a shader and as a render target within a single draw call, Direct3D just forces unbinding of such a texture SRV, OpenGL says it's ...
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Trouble making path tracer multithreaded, read access violation

I'm trying to make the path tracer shown in the Ray Tracing in One Weekend series multithreaded. Here's the starting of my main function: ...
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A pseudocode to parallelize a path tracer?

Where can I find a pseudocode to parallelize a path tracer using multiple cpu threads? How should I change the normal path tracer to be capable of parallelization?
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how to update my scene graph?

I am updating my scene graph in response to user input and the network. What is the best way to do this? The updating threads are separate. Some approaches I am thinking about: double buffer. There ...
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How to handle GUI in a path traced renderer?

This isn't a pure CG question but it's more of a programming one related to CG. The main problem that occurs is both the GUI and the rendered scene need to be drawn regularly by swapping buffers. If ...
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Issues with Multi-threaded Raytracing

I'm having some issues with my multi-threaded ray tracing implementation. It seems to only render about half of the image. Here is the picture: Here is the code: ...
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Drawing "after" Present to achieve better performance

I had an application that was originally single threaded and worked as follows: gather the items to be drawn (occlusion / frustrum culling / sorting into batches) draw items using an immediate ...
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How to use multithreading in 3D software renderer to speed up fetching texture values

The biggest bottleneck of my code is fetching texture RGB values from memory. My code looks something like this: ...
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How can I utilize all cores of CPU In my ray tracer with std::thread?

I have been working on a ray tracer and I was trying to use multiple threads to maximize the performance. I tried couple of approaches but there's no difference in performance. Here's my shot... <...
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Why can't I utilize multiple CPU cores with OpenGL like Vulkan?

Can I pass the data to the GPU through multiple cores with OpenGL?
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Avoiding CPU race condition/cache invalidation of RNG on multi thread path tracing

I'm implementing my path tracer using C++ and OpenMP partially based on the design of Small Paint (using a globally available RND function to generate random floats) and PBRTv2 (uses a single RNG ...
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Instanced Stereo Rendering vs. Multiple Command Buffers

Source In this webpage from Nvidia, the author(s) seems to imply that you could create a command buffer for each eye on separate threads. However, I don't see the benefit to this over instanced stereo ...
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Why is thread safety such a huge deal for Graphics APIs?

Both Vulkan and DirectX12 are claimed to be usable in a thread-safe manner. People seem to be excited about that. Why is this considered such a huge feature? The "real" processing gets thrown over ...
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