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Questions about image-based height-field representations, commonly used to represent a terrain.

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Finite difference wave equation shown in paper is wrong?

I'm trying to produce wave surface animations, and I came across this paper: Fast_Water_Animation_Using_the_Wave_Equation_with_Damping. In the paper they go to provide the following equation: At ...
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4 votes
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How to approximate the heightmap of processed wood?

In the above image, you can see that there is some slight variation of the height of each wood plank. These variations do NOT come from the wood texture itself, but from the way it was cut, i.e if a ...
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Mitsuba builds targets with scons but throws "undefined symbol" error when trying to render scene

I am trying to implement a custom add-on for Mitsuba, but when I use the Heightfield I have defined in another function call(WaveBrdfAccel) in main.cpp it compiles without any problems but when I try ...
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How is this normals map supposed to work?

I have come across this image that's labelled a bump map to be used with a 3D model. It looks like this: In this map, which is an RGB map, it seems we have pixels whose normals face upwards shaded ...
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Bump mapping a ray-traced sphere

I'm attempting to apply a height map to a ray-traced sphere. The height map is stored as a texture. I have the intersection point on the sphere $p$, and I compute the normal vector at that point $N = ...
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Method for rendering heightmap from a 3D scene

I am looking for a method of rendering a heightmap from a 3D scene. The scene may consist of a terrain which is in turn generated from another heightmap, but will also have regular 3D objects. The ...
19 votes
3 answers

What's the current state-of-the-art algorithm for ray-tracing height-fields?

There have been lots of papers over the years on different techniques for drawing height-field terrain in a ray-tracer. Some algorithms ray-march the grid directly (or via a quadtree); others ...
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