I am trying to implement a custom add-on for Mitsuba, but when I use the Heightfield I have defined in another function call(WaveBrdfAccel) in main.cpp it compiles without any problems but when I try to render the scene I get an error that says: undefined symbol: _ZTVN7mitsuba11HeightfieldE

Is there something special I need to do to implement this properly in Mitsuba's frameworks?

I am trying this on Mitsuba version 0.5.0 (Linux, 64 bit). If I remove the heightfield parameter from the WaveBrdfAccel declaration then This error does not occur which leads me to believe​ there is something wrong in the way I am calling it but I cannot figure it out.

Here is my main.cpp file :

GPTWorkResultTest *spec;

            GPTWorkResultEXR heightfieldImage(heightfieldFilename);
            Heightfield heightfield(&heightfieldImage, texelWidth, vertScale);
            Query query;
                query.mu_p = Vector2(mu_x, mu_y);
                query.sigma_p = sigma_p;
                query.lambda = lambda;

            WaveBrdfAccel waveBrdfAccel(&heightfield, diffModel); 

the Heightfield and WaveBrdfAccel class both in waveBrdf.h:

class Heightfield {
     explicit Heightfield() {}
     Heightfield(GPTWorkResultEXR *heightfieldImage, Float texelWidth = 1.0, Float vertScale = 1.0)
        : mHeightfieldImage(heightfieldImage), mTexelWidth(texelWidth), mVertScale(vertScale) {}
    GaborKernel g(int i, int j, Float F, Float lambda);

    Vector2 n(Float i, Float j);
    GPTWorkResultEXR *mHeightfieldImage;
    Float mTexelWidth;      // in microns.
    Float mVertScale;


class WaveBrdfAccel {

explicit WaveBrdfAccel(Heightfield *heightfield, string method);

 comp queryIntegral(const Query &query, int layer, int xIndex, int yIndex);


and finally the inclusion in waveBrdf.cpp:

WaveBrdfAccel::WaveBrdfAccel(Heightfield *heightfield, string method) {
cout << "IT IS ACTUALLY running wave" << endl;

MTS_IMPLEMENT_CLASS(WaveBrdfAccel, false, WorkResult)


I am not sure exactly why this is the case but I managed to fix it by simply separating the class definitions into sperate header files. If anyone knows why this worked would love to know!


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