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value range in CIEXYZ space

When converting from sRGB to CIEXYZ I seem to be off by a factor of 100 I'm trying to convert from sRGB to CIELAB. Calculation First I need to go from sRGB to CIEXYZ. Using this formula I get i.e. ...
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What is the best way to display complex number "images"?

I may be getting some details wrong (e.g. colour space vs. colour model), so please bear with me: I want to represent "images" consisting of complex numbers i.e. for each "pixel" ...
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How to visualize color synthesis in HSL diagram

before considering the HSL color space, let's consider the CIE chromaticity diagram to understand what I'm looking for: Unless I am mistaken, I read it that way: Given two points A, B, any color in ...
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How do I plot tristimulus curves?

LMS Color Space is based on responsivity of 3 cones in Human eyes with each having different curves. I'm looking for a way to plot those curves. Moreover, Is threre a way to covert wavelength under ...
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What CMFs (aka Spectral Functions) did Microsoft and HP use to develop sRGB standardized in: IEC 61966-2-1:1999?

CIE 1931 2° probably served as a basis, but which version? Published in 1999, the final specification can not have referred to CIE 2006, but lists several others: CIE 1931 2°, CIE 1931 2° ...
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Does CIE XYZ preserve spectral accuracy when used for progressive rendering?

How accurate it is to estimate rendering equation using wavelengths and then convert result to CIE XYZ to accumulate samples temporally by averaging them over time?
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Using the HTML canvas and colors to track objects

I need to rewrite a short utility library, to get it working with the Brave browser (My actual question isn't about brave per se.) canvas-color-tracker - example of it being used and src/index.js is ...
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What is the name of this moving color pixels effect, for animating a painting? The artwork in the link seems to be based on a painting of a woman, but effects have been added that assign a pixel to each block of the painting that ...
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Luminace, RGB, and SMPT ST 2084 EOTF

I need a point clarified. According to wikipedia, SMPT ST 2084 EOTF is this: I've seen this equation implemented in game engines where for L they feed the channels RGB, each of which is 0 to 10,000 ...
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Why is there a difference between the CIE XYZ colour gamut vs CIE RGB?

Yet another question about colour space... In my research on CIE XYZ system, I found that it is based on the CIE RGB colour matching experiments, and that because the RGB system needed occasional ...
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What is the relation between colour spaces and what is actually displayed on our screens?

I am not entirely sure that this is the right stack exchange, but I couldn't find any other suitable one - please redirect me if necessary. There exists mathematically defined colour spaces which help ...
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How to convert from XYZ or sRGB to ACEScg/AP1

I'm confused about how to properly convert from sRGB or XYZ color space to ACEScg. Specifically whether I have to account for differences in white point explicitly. The aces github page gives the ...
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Interpolating HSV color with black

I'm interpolating RGB values by transforming them into HSV space and then back into RGB. I have trouble figuring out how to achieve ...
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What is the CMYK color profile used by

Pantone spot colors are specified in the RGB and CMYK color models on the website. For example, the Pantone 122 spot color as it appears when printed on coated paper is specified ...
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How do I calculate average hue, since the numbers loop around?

If I calculate the average (mean) hue of a set of colours naively, I will get silly answers sometimes. For example, in HSB/HSL, the average of hue=10 (slightly orange red) and hue=350 (slightly blue ...
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Alpha blending in linear colour space

I've been making a simple game in OpenGL, and implemented a screen fade-out using the old 'draw a black fullscreen quad and ramp up the alpha' trick. I'm doing all my shaders in linear space and using ...
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