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What vergence angle is commonly used for "infinitely far away" objects in stereoscopic displays?

I think that VR / AR experts will know the answer to this. At what vergence angle are "infinitely far away" objects such as star field textures drawn in head-mounted VR / AR displays ? I ...
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Eye long term response to light/shade configurations and software to deal with them

I am unsure about whether to ask this here, or on the biology or medical sciences Stack Exchange. If more appropriate there, please migrate my post. My question regards adaptation of the iris and the ...
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What is the best way to display complex number "images"?

I may be getting some details wrong (e.g. colour space vs. colour model), so please bear with me: I want to represent "images" consisting of complex numbers i.e. for each "pixel" ...
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How to get "Equal" (saturation, brightness) Red and Green Colours in a Web-based Application?

I am looking for a red and a green hue that are equally discernable against a gray background on any PC monitor, using HTML/CSS-based application. There are many possible solutions to balance these ...
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Constraining a Polyline to Look Smooth

What are the mathematical constraints required for a polyline, i.e., a piecewise linear curve, to appear as a smooth curve to human vision? I've discovered one document that specifies only that the ...
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How to apply SSRT to an existing image with associated depth map?

I have the following image and depth map from a CV paper: I want to know if there is an existing way to apply screen space rendering to a pre-existing image. Before someone yells ate me saying "Why ...
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human visual: relation of Distance and DPI

I was told that human's visual sharpness is 60 pixels per degree. As such, pixel per inch is approximately given by: PPI = 1/ (Distance * tg((1/60*pi/180) ) Is ...
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Pixel density / color channel depth ratio for dithered gradients

Dithering increases percieved color depth by adding a "noise" to an image on transform from high color depth (e.g. 32-bit floating point) to lower color depth (e.g. 8-bit integer). A prerequisite is ...
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Realistic rendering: which processes of the human eye and brain do I need to consider?

Photorealistic rendering has the goal of rendering an image as a real camera would capture it. While this is already an ambitious goal, for certain scenarios you might want to take it further: render ...
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Finding a color perceptually similar to an image

I'm working on a program to use randomly-selected images as a desktop background. Now, not all images are the same shape as a computer monitor. One idea I had for dealing with this is to set a ...
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