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Is BVH faster than the octree/kd-tree for raytracing the objects on a GPU?

@Christian Pagot I think it is worth mentioning, that DXR is using Bottom Level Acceleration Structures (BLAS) as well as Top Level Acceleration Structures (TLAS): Figure 3: Overview of raytracing ...
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How can I create a bounding volume hierarchy for constantly moving objects?

I'd like to add some practical perspective to this. Let me preface that I'm operating on limited information here: I don't know how many objects you are dealing with. I don't know what exactly your ...
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When and who introduced the idea of a scene graph?

Not 3D as such, but it seems in 1963 Ivan Sutherland's seminal "Sketchpad" (and wikipedia) had instancing. eg. See "Chapter VI RECURSIVE FUNCTIONS" of the 2nd reference. IIRC ...
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BVH uses aabb for a sphere in Ray Tracing: The Next Week

I agree with @xasp's answer, but to understand why you would do it like that: Checking for ray-circle intersections is not the most expensive in terms of cpu-time required, but a ray-aabb intersection ...
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BVH uses aabb for a sphere in Ray Tracing: The Next Week

It does indeed do exactly what you described. Have a close look at how the bvh is constructed, it is a passed a list of concrete shapes that implement hittable, e.g....
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Ray Tracing Bounding Volume Hierarchies nodes

Bounding Volumes A bounding volume is for example an Axis-Aligned Bounding-Box (AABB), a generaal Bounding-Box not aligned with the major axes or a Bounding-Sphere. They differ in how much memory ...
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How to decide which child of BVH to visit based on sign of ray's direction vector?

In your example of a BVH cell partitioned along the x axis, if the ray is going left to right (increasing x), then the cell with the lower x comes first; but if it's going right to left (decreasing x),...
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Classify acceleration structure using surface area heuristic

You gave the formula as: $$Cost(cell) = C_t + \frac{S_L}{S_{Cell}} \times N_L \times t_i + \frac{S_R}{S_{Cell}} \times N_R \times t_i$$ (You put $r_i$ at the right-hand end, but I assume that was a ...
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