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8 votes

How to determine if SceneKit can produce sufficiently 3D graphics like Minecraft?

What is missing? Now that we can see images from your app, the difference that stands out most to me is the lack of shadows and ambient occlusion. This gives a very flat look as the colour of a ...
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7 votes

How does voxel cone tracing work?

Illumination components If our scenes only contain point lights (e.g., omni lights, spotlights, etc.) and emissive surfaces, the illumination contributions at a surface position, $x$, are computed as ...
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5 votes

Comprehensive explanation of conservative rasterization algorithm

I'm not sure what exactly you mean by how to visualize a plane that use w value as one of this coordinates but here's a sketch that will, hopefully, clarify this sentence: a line through each ...
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4 votes

Regular voxel grids and RTX accelerated ray tracing

As you said, the RTX Turing architecture comes with wired primitive-ray intersection, (to be more specific, triangle-ray intersection). The BVH is built by specifying the Bounding Box program to OptiX,...
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4 votes

Binary scene voxelization using imageStore - problem

In the binary version you're doing an imageLoad and an imageStore on the same texture to modify it. This is a classic race ...
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2 votes

How to voxelize geometry using textures and shaders?

A fragment shader executes for a 2D rasterized position. When you output the normalized position it's still being projected onto the 2D xy image plane onto a render target. The render target is 2D, so ...
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2 votes

3D triangle rasterization to voxels

A brute force method which works well and we use in production code: Calculate AABB of triangle to create a sublist of voxels that may or may not be intersected by the triangle, also calculate the ...
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1 vote

Way to estimate the amount of overlap between a rectangular prism and a frustum?

The typical prism/obb/aabb is made up of 6 planes, and the frustum is also typically made up of 6 planes. To generate a new volume that is the intersection of the two original volumes, use plane ...
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1 vote

How to smooth out a voxel grid?

If you have this data in a 3d array where a block is a 1 and no block is a 0 you can apply a 3d blur and then set all voxels that are left with a value higher than 0.5 to 1 and those that arent to 0. ...
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1 vote

How to determine if SceneKit can produce sufficiently 3D graphics like Minecraft?

SceneKit, as of iOS 9/OS X El Capitan, can handle all of the suggested lighting changes from @trichoplax. The newly announced (June 2016) Physically Based Rendering (PBR), and support for Pixar's ...
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1 vote

How to determine if SceneKit can produce sufficiently 3D graphics like Minecraft?

1) Drawing a bunch of 3d cubes with simple textures? Yes, SceneKit can do that. 2) Way too broad a question... try reading the docs. 3) Since this is a platform specific question try the scenekit ...
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