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Correct view-space transform

I've done some small changes to how I usually construct my view matrix, here is what I've modified: ...
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DLT algorithm (4+ points) not working, what's missing?

Just realized that this is an equation involving homogeneous vectors; thus the 3-vectors should not equal, they have the same direction but may differ in magnitude by a nonzero scale factor.
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Choosing & Using a Projection Matrix

The values will only form a cube after performing the perspective divide, which I don't see happening in your code. That is, you take a vector $[x, y, z, 1]$ and transform it by the projection matrix,...
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Calculating the gradient of a triangular mesh

A function $f$ on your triangulated surface is an assignment of real numbers on the vertices of the triangulation and therefore $f \in \mathbb{R}^{|\mathcal{V}|}$. According to the continuous theory, ...
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What exactly is the orthographic projection used by Matlab

All of these projections fall under the generic group of projections called "Axonometric" projections. The general goal of an axonometric projection is to manipulate the object using ...
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Appropriate filter steps for resolving a droplet pixel

First simple thresholding is usually not a good idea. However, if you want to do that, I suggest to also consider other color spaces. In your case, HSV might be a better choice; You can convert your ...
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