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re-writing the rasterizer of a pipeline

I have designed my graphics pipeline, actually similar to what exists now, you know, vertex shader, then rasterizer, interpolation, fragment shader and so on. But, some stuff are changed in my ...
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What is in a GPU driver?

There are 3 kinds of code that are contained in a GPU-utilizing program: CPU code. CPU-to-GPU or GPU-to-CPU bridge code. This is what DirectX actually is. GPU code. In NVidia speak, this is called a &...
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OpenGL 3.0 is not supported by the OpenGL driver - RizomUV

I have a problem with RizomUV 2022.0. When the program starts, it comes up with pop-up "OpenGL 3.0 is not supported by the OpenGL driver", so I can't import any geometry and work. I'm ...
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Why do Nvidia and AMD have to update their drivers for game releases?

I like to know the technical aspects of it. Game developers use APIs like OpenGL or DirectX. The functions provided by these APIs, I would assume, work flawlessly with all graphic cards because they ...
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In what scenarios and how does GL_ARB_buffer_storage help performance?

The Dolphin emulator for GameCube/Wii has the ability to use the ARB_buffer_storage (or EXT_buffer_storage for GLES) to improve rendering performance. From the extension's description, a GPU driver ...
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Why isn't multi-gpu handled by the driver?

I hope I'm not off topic here, but this seemed like a good place to ask something like this. I've been hearing about SLI and Crossfire for a long time and how support for it is lacking. I never ...
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What mechanisms are being used by Directx12 and Vulkan APIs in order to communicate with graphic card drivers internally?

I am trying and learning to develop a low level graphics API. I want to know, how do modern graphics APIs manage to communicate with graphic card drivers (to tackle GPU) so efficiently and in an ...
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What is the difference and/or relationship between the OpenGL SDK and the OpenGL GPU driver?

I'm brand new to OpenGL and graphics programming in general, and I'm trying to figure out what software I need to program a GPU. I saw an NVidia OpenGL driver, and I've also seen reference to the ...
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Colorblending shader recompilation scenarios

Context As I was trying to learn more about Vulkan, I learned that certain fixed-function steps could be implemented with shader code from this video (at around the spot where he talks about the ...
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