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What is in a GPU driver?

There are 3 kinds of code that are contained in a GPU-utilizing program: CPU code. CPU-to-GPU or GPU-to-CPU bridge code. This is what DirectX actually is. GPU code. In NVidia speak, this is called a &...
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OpenGL 3.0 is not supported by the OpenGL driver - RizomUV

I have a problem with RizomUV 2022.0. When the program starts, it comes up with pop-up "OpenGL 3.0 is not supported by the OpenGL driver", so I can't import any geometry and work. I'm ...
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Why do Nvidia and AMD have to update their drivers for game releases?

I like to know the technical aspects of it. Game developers use APIs like OpenGL or DirectX. The functions provided by these APIs, I would assume, work flawlessly with all graphic cards because they ...
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In what scenarios and how does GL_ARB_buffer_storage help performance?

The Dolphin emulator for GameCube/Wii has the ability to use the ARB_buffer_storage (or EXT_buffer_storage for GLES) to improve rendering performance. From the extension's description, a GPU driver ...
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Why isn't multi-gpu handled by the driver?

I hope I'm not off topic here, but this seemed like a good place to ask something like this. I've been hearing about SLI and Crossfire for a long time and how support for it is lacking. I never ...
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What mechanisms are being used by Directx12 and Vulkan APIs in order to communicate with graphic card drivers internally?

I am trying and learning to develop a low level graphics API. I want to know, how do modern graphics APIs manage to communicate with graphic card drivers (to tackle GPU) so efficiently and in an ...
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What is the difference and/or relationship between the OpenGL SDK and the OpenGL GPU driver?

I'm brand new to OpenGL and graphics programming in general, and I'm trying to figure out what software I need to program a GPU. I saw an NVidia OpenGL driver, and I've also seen reference to the ...
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Colorblending shader recompilation scenarios

Context As I was trying to learn more about Vulkan, I learned that certain fixed-function steps could be implemented with shader code from this video (at around the spot where he talks about the ...
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