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What is the name for a film overlay where there is an array of crosses?

I've seen this in a lot of animations of spaceships, as well as the intro sequence to The Expanse which I've attached a screenshot of. is also an example. The above ...
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Are the terms screen and the monitor in computer graphics used interchangeably?

I was looking at this Wikipedia article about the image plane or the screen space and at a certain point there's A rectangular region of this plane, ...
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Calculate aspect ratio from 2D shape in 3D space

Given the 4 coordinates of a 2D shape in a 3D space I want to calculate its aspect ratio. The 3D space is created with 2 vanishing points. The 4 coordinates - marked blue - are the 2D coordinates on ...
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What is "Object Space Lighting"?

Looking at Star Swarm, a demo for the Nitrous engine, I found this little line: "Nitrous uses Object Space Lighting, the same techniques used in film, including real-time film-quality motion blur." I ...
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