Looking at Star Swarm, a demo for the Nitrous engine, I found this little line: "Nitrous uses Object Space Lighting, the same techniques used in film, including real-time film-quality motion blur."

I tried looking around for anything on "object space lighting" or "object space rendering" but couldn't come up with anything. When I hear "object space" I think of doing it per-object but I was hoping to find a more detailed description of the method.

Does anyone know anything about "object space lighting" and if so could you go into some technical details(how its done, pros, cons, etc)?


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According to the Star Swarm developers this helps them with LOD and enables greater shading scaling. Based on this I guess its simply texture space lighting.

Because we do what we’re calling object space lighting, we calculate the projected size of each of those objects on screen, and based on that we shade it in a priority manner based on how large they are. We can scale the shading quality at a different frequency than we scale the geometry level or something else.

A deep dive into the making of the eye-popping Star Swarm demo (interview)


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