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Are stencil buffer dimensions required to match render target dimensions?

I may not need as precise pixel-perfect stenciling as my render target during stencil tested render pass. I could be okay with stencil test happening at half or quarter of resolution to save bandwidth,...
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Is it possible to fill in Stencil Buffer programmatically via fragment shader?

I've never worked with stencil buffers, but I'm researching if it is the right tool for my task. Basically I don't understand yet if stencil buffer can only be filled in by some hardcoded rules during ...
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Problem using Decaling with Stencil to avoid Z-fighting

I need to create a decaling into a surface like a mesh, and to avoid Z-fighting I've been using Stencil Buffer to Turn-off depth test and make the decaling over the surface the Stencil Op permits. In ...
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Layer rendering in Vulkan

I am writing a Vulkan video manipulation engine which has the following layers: Foreground (2D) Scene (3D) Background (2D) Note that each layer may have multiple objects, some of which may be ...
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3D model outline using stencil buffer

I'm trying to outline a 3D model in WebGL. I've tried using a stencil buffer techique with glLineWidth and glPolygonMode. However, Mozilla's WebGL reference says that the minimum and maximum widths of ...
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Fast clipping without clearing stencil buffer

I'm writing an OpenGL application that runs on a Raspberry Pi, i.e., a quite resource-limited system. Essentially, a few quads with RGBA textures are overlayed/alpha blended on top of each other with ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Uses for Stencil Buffer

I've been doing OpenGL tutorials using LearnOpenGL. Currently I'm reading about Stencil Buffers and in his example he uses a Stencil Buffer to draw an outline around an object. I've also read that it ...
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selectively setting stencil value based on vertex property in vertex shader

Just like the question says. Is it possible to selectively set the value of the stencil buffer based on a property of a vertex, like the value of its normal, during its vertex processing phase? ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Incorrect values written in stencil buffer

I am trying to pick objects on mouse click. For this I have followed this tutorial, and tried to use the stencil buffer for this purpose. Inside "game" loop I am trying to draw 10 (5 pairs) 'pick'...
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How much processing power does stenciling actually save?

For example, let's assume I'm rendering cascaded shadow mapping, but for whatever reason, instead of one of the typical approach, I do the following: Render the lowest resolution shadowmap Copy part ...
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What is a stencil buffer?

Wikipedia states that a stencil buffer is some arbitrary buffer a shader can use. However, it hints that it's used for clipping, or otherwise "tightly binding" the depth and pixel buffers, slightly ...
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