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imageLoad() behavior for non-existent texel

Is there a way to influence the behavior of imageLoad() for accessing an image2D or uimage2D ...
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Using imageLoad/imageStore to perform atomic add

I have a rgba16f texture that I fill with values using nvidia GL_NV_shader_atomic_fp16_vector extension, which allows to perform ...
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Is there an analogue of OpenGL's ImageLoadStore in DirectX 12?

I'm trying to port part of an OpenGL program into an existing DirectX 12 software, at some point in their shaders they use OpenGL ImageLoadStore in order to store information in 3D Textures without ...
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What is the typical use case for rendering to an image through imageStore?

The typical scenario for using a texture would simply be: ...
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Issue with image load stores and compute shaders

I am trying to read an input texture, modify it and then write to an output texture from a very simple compute shader. For some reason I am not able to write to the output image from the compute ...
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