I have different functions for example normalmapping which I use all the time... Now I thought about making a small glsl library.

My problem: I don't want to have all functions within the same "namespace".

I would like to have it like:

vec4 lighting::Phong(vec3 normal, vec3 color, vec3 lightPositionRelative)

The thing is, that I have tons of functions and sometimes multiple functions are related to the same thing, for example: A HashTable, AddKey, GetKey, HasKey...

So some kind of namespace or even better a class like structure. What are the options I have? How are you guys handle this?


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GLSL does not support C++ style namespaces. You might want to do some regex magic before parsing the shader, replacing '::' with '_' or something. You might want to have a preprocessor of sorts - or just forget about it entirely.


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