i wanted to ask if you know the best books or resources to understand light physics. I have heard that Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar's book "Radiance Transfer" is very good. Any other books or suggestions will be appreciated


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Referring to the answer that lightxbulb already gave, you can find a very in-depth explanation of the physics of light and their simulation in the thesis of Eric Veach named "Robust Monte Carlo methods for light transport simulation".

I read it for a class that I took in Computer Graphics and really liked it.

You can find it yourself by searching the web or by visiting this link: https://graphics.stanford.edu/papers/veach_thesis/thesis.pdf


Here you have a full repository with a lot of papers about light transport. There's also a folder named 'theory' where you can get both intro and advanced refs regard light physics. And much more. I'm personally curating this and keeping up to date with latest advancements.


However here are the main books/papers I suggest to read :

1985 - Physically Based Lighting Calculations For Computer Graphics

1986 - The Rendering Equation

1997 - A Framework for Realistic Image Synthesis

1997 - Robust MonteCarlo Methods For Light Transport Simulation

2011 - The State of the Art in Interactive Global Illumination

2014 - The Path to Path-Traced Movies

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