Does anyone happen to know the latency difference between copying a texture on cpu (using, say, memcpy) compared to gpu (using, say, CopyResource)? I would do a perf test myself, but I'm not actually sure how to do the trace for the CopyResource. A rule of thumb would be fine, it doesn't have to be exact, I just figure that the GPU is faster than the cpu for this but am just curious how expensive a copy of, say, a 1920x1080 texture is.

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    $\begingroup$ do you mean copy from RAM to RAM vs. copy from VRAM to VRAM? $\endgroup$ – Kyy13 Nov 20 '19 at 20:06

You can use Query for mesuring time on GPU. Idea is follow: Create buffer with two int64 values. Write time stamp before and after CopyResource() on GPU to this buffer. Then retrive values on CPU and substract them. Substraction is time on GPU.

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