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I have studied physics and electrical engineering at the undergraduate level, and computer vision at the graduate level. I am currently working as a software developer.

When it comes to programming and computer science, I am largely self-taught. I'm always trying to learn more.

Programming links:

AI Shack and Mathworks computer vision tutorials.

Getting started with MATLAB.

Divakar's profile - a list of functions that will make you a better MATLAB programmer if you learn how to use them.

NumPy for MATLAB users; also check out the Spyder IDE.

Image processing with NumPy/SciPy.

C pointers - a wonderful video series that clears up all confusion. It also explains function pointers.

CIS-194 Haskell course - a good introduction to Haskell with some pretty cool exercises.

The Y-Combinator - a simple explanation of how to achieve recursion in lambda calculus.

Math links:

Better Explained - great articles on the intuition/visualization of math concepts.

Math Doctor Bob - videos on university-level pure mathematics like abstract algebra.

Introduction to differential forms - videos explaining a more elegant approach to multivariable calculus that emphasizes geometry without coordinate systems.

Snoopy Topology Notes - an introduction to topology written by students who took a class at Colorado State (it possibly contains mistakes, but it's a nice gentle introduction to the basic ideas for the beginner).

Differential Geometry Notes - succinct notes on classical differential geometry with great figures for visualization.

Category Theory for Programmers - category theory explained through C++ and Haskell. Pretty much the only introduction to category theory that I find readable at my level of exprience.

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