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I'm an Ubuntu Linux addict with experience from transistors and amplifiers to web page design and Network Security.

I can program proficiently in Python (My Favorite), Javascript, and C++, and I also have experience in HTML5, Java, NodeJS, CSS, Jade, and Shell/Bash/Zsh. I'm trying to learn more of SASS, Ruby, PHP, Fish, Awk, Haskell, and C.

In my offtime I often play many games on Steam (linux gaming), including FPS, Strategy, Adventure, Indie, Puzzler, and Engineering/Programming games. I am currently attempting to start a small game server hosting / technology startup business, but right now it's just a big community with hundreds of gamers.

I'm open to technology opportunities in many fields (mainly internships over school breaks), and I have a good amount of team working experience. I'm always open to contact.