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Does UV-mapping generate for some points of the 3D model several points in the 2D projection?
11 votes

The way it is usually defined, every vertex in a mesh corresponds to a UV-coordinate, and there must be exactly one such coordinate per vertex, because that is how a renderer would fetch texels. So it ...

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How is anisotropic filtering typically implemented in modern GPUs?
9 votes

The API requirements can be found in any of the specs or extensions. Here is one: https://www.opengl.org/registry/specs/EXT/texture_filter_anisotropic.txt All GPU vendors likely deviate from the spec ...

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Why is the transposed inverse of the model view matrix used to transform the normal vectors?
7 votes

This is simply because normals are not really vectors! They are created by cross products, which results in bivectors, not vectors. Algebra works much different for these coordinates, and geometric ...

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Is there any open code to get information about COLLADA or OBJ files?
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6 votes

For OBJ Files Free tools like MeshLab, Blender, and GLC_Player are able to load OBJ files and give you basic information about their content. Apparently, GLC_Player can also load COLLADA. In code ...

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Is this smaller grid for Poisson disc sampling still correct?
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5 votes

You approach will work, and in general any square of size < will work fine because the invariant "at most 1 point per square" is valid. Extrapolating from your idea, it means that one should get ...

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How to produce simple 2D illustrations to accompany geometry answers?
4 votes

I just use Powerpoint to make such diagrams and it works great as soon as you're comfortable with its basic primitives. It supports all simple operations like rotation, translation, etc. and recent ...

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How to make a 3D model for Unity 5
2 votes

Blender likely meets your requirements. I have used it in the past to make 3D models and export to model files which Unity can import. I would highly recommend watching some tutorial videos before ...

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