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OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is a graphics standard and API which is platform-independent and available for desktop, workstation and mobile devices. It is designed to provide hardware-accelerated re…
739 questions
Questions specific to raytracing (as opposed to scanline rendering), the 3D graphics technique of intersecting rays from the camera with objects in the scene.
449 questions
Questions about the conversion of a 2D or 3D model to a photorealistic or non-photorealistic image.
380 questions
Questions and problems dealing with three-dimensional space, including 3D meshes and other data structures, vector math, transformations, etc.
316 questions
For all questions related to shaders, i.e. the programmable part of the GPU pipeline. For language-specific shader questions, see also the [glsl] and [hlsl] tags.
GLSL is the OpenGL shading language. Use this tag for questions which are specifically about shaders written in this language. For generic shader questions use [shader] instead.
263 questions
For questions related to textures: procedural generation, encodings, aspect characterisation, filtering, mapping, storage...
253 questions
Transformations are mathematical operations that can be applied to an object to change its scale, position and orientation.
235 questions
For questions about the path tracing Monte Carlo algorithm for physically accurate global illumination, or its variants.
222 questions
The knowledge of the numbers, formulas, shapes and quantities. In the computer graphics, almost exclusively linear algebra is being used.
210 questions
General-purpose programming language used widely in game development and CPU-intensive tasks.
205 questions
Problems involving meshes and other geometry representations, and manipulating, transforming, or extracting information from them; algorithms for solving geometrical problems such as computing interse…
205 questions
Questions about the rigorous usage of instructions used to solve a specific computer graphics problem.
189 questions
185 questions
Questions about a network of connected vertices, edges and faces to describe the shape of a specific 3D object.
179 questions
149 questions
Questions related to the massively parallel computing units targeting effective computer graphics in modern machines.
144 questions
Questions about the visual perceptual property deriving from the spectrum of light, usually expressed numerically according to a color model.
134 questions
Questions about the conversions of a 3D model to a 2D model.
132 questions
For questions about the Vulkan graphics/compute API.
118 questions
91 questions
WebGL extends the capability of the HTML canvas element to allow it to render accelerated 3D graphics in any compatible web browser.
85 questions
78 questions
75 questions
65 questions
HLSL is the High-Level Shading Language, used to author shaders for use with Direct3D, and cross-compilable to SPIR-V. Use this tag for questions which are specifically about shaders written in this l…
65 questions
For questions related to the rasterization process, both in terms of GPU hardware and algorithms related to rasterization.
65 questions
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