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Optix: Rendering time-variant data

With help from the Nvidia Forum and two very helpful and friendly Nvidia employees I found the perfect solution. In OptiX there is a so called selector node. This is a special scene-graph node that ...
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What is the reason that a boolean operation between two almost identical 3D triangular meshes fails?

Without debugging the routines with the offending data, it's impossible to say conclusively. However given the examples you have given it sounds like the libraries are falling foul of the coplanar ...
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In texture mapping, should we set texture coordinate to every vertex or can I skip vertices in between?

Typically, texture coordinates are interpolated from the vertices of a triangle during rendering. This can be seen in two ways. evaluating your texture at vertices and the interpolating the result or ...
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Translate vtkCellLocator

In order to translate a vtkCellLocator, you have only to translate a bounding box of root octant. However this bounding box cannot be publicly accessible. So it is necessary to create a new class ...
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