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Was Evans & Sutherland CT5 really created in 1981?

The CT5 was designed before 1981. I started working at E&S in May 1981. The CT5 was fully designed by then and 3 had been built. All 3 were still at E&S and hadn't shipped yet when I started. ...
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Non real-time rendering on Unity3D

Yes, there's a better approach than using a screen recorder. You can capture frames directly inside Unity, using ScreenCapture.CaptureScreenshot. There's a choice ...
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Animated rainbow distortion wave effect

The effect is called chromatic aberration; the way it’s usually done in games, and what’s being done there, is by reading the red / green / blue channels of an image at different offset positions. As ...
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Was Evans & Sutherland CT5 really created in 1981?

After some searching on the internet, I am fairly certain that it was made in 1981 or at least the same decade. I have found multiple sources that indicate the CT5 was made in or around the year 1981. ...
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Was Evans & Sutherland CT5 really created in 1981?

As John said, yes it was there because my first job was working on content for it. That was before 1981. The 'snake room' was about 20 feet from my office and I did many demos on that system. My ...
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Why does my Dell laptop monitor give this weird color banding?

This was just going to be a comment but it go to long... Is this being streamed? If the connection speed is to low then the a lower quality video will be streamed with most services. Also, check the &...
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Is it possible to decode and play e.g. 60fps video as 30fps, if computer is too slow for 60fps?

It is likely somewhat possible, depending on how the video was encoded. The player can easily skip displaying half the frames but that won't gain us much. What needs to happen is to skip decoding some ...
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What would be an example of decoding-intensive video?

You could try to play 1080p and 2160p videos, possibly 60fps in YouTube. If you right-click on the playback window and click on "Stats for nerds" you will get more information about used video and ...
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Rendering 3-D point clouds obtained from depth maps as a 2.5D video

There are plenty of algorithms for generating meshes from point clouds. I am going to suggest looking at the libraries CGAL and PCL, if only because their documentation has excellent references which ...
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Rendering 3-D point clouds obtained from depth maps as a 2.5D video

Depending on your application, you could use image-based solutions that are much cheaper than meshing a uniformly sampled set of points. For example, you could use the depth map as a height map. ...
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A way to save 360° panorama video

I would be tempted to use a solution which involves decoding a single rectangular video stream so you don't need any special video decoder. As you have said there will be performance penalties for ...
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