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I can't give you a "better" approach here, but I think that the approach to project each individual brush image onto the surface of the object is not really a performance issue if you implement that using the GPU. Especially in an editor environment, where not much is going on in comparison to a computer game. All you basically want to do is to ...


As long as no pixel on the texture is used twice, you can render the geometry and display the uv-coordinates (texture coordinates). Usually they are a combination of red and green (2d). When using a brush, you only need to read out the uv-coordinates you've hit and color the texture at position (uv) in the desired color. Hint: paint onto a second texture, so ...


You could do it in different ways. But the most logical way for me is that there are points sampled along the path, then splines/benzier curves are used to make it smooth (additonal points can be interpolated), thereafter it is projected and saved on the texture. So no "every" point has to be sampled.

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