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Avoiding gimbal lock in spherical movement around an object - Python

You can use rotations where only the deltas are based on Euler angles. Say you have a rotation matrix $R$, e.g. which can be the identity initially. Then you can update the rotation as $R'= R_z(\Delta ...
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Rendering light balls: Where to do perspective calculations?

First of all a small introduction about the matrices you need. viewMatrix: This matrix is a 4x4 matrix which stores the position and orientation of your camera with respect to the world origin. ...
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Converting points, vectors, normals between world and object space for a ray tracer gives weird results

I think you have the wrong order of matrix multiplication. ...
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How to apply transformation matrices from multiple primitives on a mesh

In the glTF format, "primitives" are just a way to specify separate draw calls (and hence, separate materials or shader programs) for a single mesh. There is no transform, as you've ...
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