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A recent approach for subsurface scattering

As mentioned in the comments, I would highly suggest starting with Full Volumetric Scattering. This is two fold: Since you are doing path tracing, adding volumetrics isn't super difficult. Fully ...
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Subsurface Scattering Without Rays?

There are lots of ways to fake SSS with greater or lesser fidelity. A few recent-ish methods: Screen-space blurring of object lighting (described in detail here) Using “interior” ambient-occlusion ...
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How to create specular surface in Mitsuba Renderer

You want to use the "conductor" plugin to create a smooth conductor / metal type BRDF. See section 8.2.6 in the documentation. As far as Mitsuba is concerned, a mirror is a special instance of a ...
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A recent approach for subsurface scattering

For cases where the diffusion approximation is preferred over full volumetric path tracing, the method published by Solid Angle is fairly efficient:
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What is the "dipole approximation" for subsurface scattering?

To easily understand the 'dipole theory' we have first to understand from where it comes from the 'diffusion theory'. And it comes from simulating light transport in participating media by solving ...
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Confusion about data types in Jensen's subsurface scattering paper

The heading row of Figure 5(b) says that the units of $\sigma_s'$ and $\sigma_a$ are inverse millimetres, that is, inverse distance. Hence, $1/\sigma_t'$ has units of distance. If you send a beam of ...
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[Subsurface Scattering]What's the meaning of diffuse coefficient `Rd` in bssrdf

$R_d$ is the diffusion profile. It's a falloff function that describes how light spreads through the material, as a function of the distance between the entering and exiting point. If you imagine a ...
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Volume Rendering: Implementation

For your first question, the basic process should be (simplified version): ...
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