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Do stencil tests use any acceleration techniques?

I don't have a definite authoritive answer for you but I'm very confident that the answer is "yes". Here's why: When using framebuffer objects, stencil attachments are usually combined with ...
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Do occlusion queries respect the stencil test at all?

The specification has been clarified on this point, as has the Wiki article. So let's explain that. The new wording in the spec says: the samples-passed count is incremented for each fragment ...
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Is it possible to fill in Stencil Buffer programmatically via fragment shader?

There are a few confusing statements in your question. However, I'll still assume you're largely aware of how the stencil buffer and the stencil test actually work. I'll also talk about OpenGL, based ...
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Are stencil buffer dimensions required to match render target dimensions?

When the framebuffer attachment sizes differ, rendering will only happen to the smallest size supported by all attachments (i.e. a rectangle of minimal width & height among all the attachments). ...
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Fast clipping without clearing stencil buffer

It sounds like what you need is a scissor test. It's specifically designed for clipping against an unrotated rectangle, and should be faster than messing about with the stencil buffer.
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Honouring Depth Test with Stencil Test

When cylinder and frustum intersect the hole will be a view into the internals of the cylinder. The hole is where external of the cylinder occlude frustum and internal of the cylinder does not occlude ...
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