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Sweeping cross section along nurbs curve

Unfortunately, there are no real answers for this. The problem is called 'offsetting'. It is often investigated in the context of typefaces / fonts. There is no analytical or exact solution for ...
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How to decide granularity for sampling a bezier curve for rendetion

IIRC, Watt and Watt's "Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques" (Chapter 3) has an interesting discussion on this (which I think is summarising the work of Clark
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Matrix form of an open uniform cubic b-spline

If you want to determine those matrices you have to use the knot vector $[0, 0, 0, 0, 4, 5, 6,...]$ and write out the expressions using the Cox-DeBoor algorithm. I believe you will need to compute the ...
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Cubic Splines - Do Parametric and Explicit representation give different curves?

The two graphs are graphing Cubic Splines but they are not equivalent splines. The method used in the code you linked produces a curve that is very local to the points and produces the tightest fit to ...
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