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Integral over cosine weighted sphere cap/cone

As I was referencing PBRT, here are the functions I ended up with: ...
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Confusion about PDF defined in solid angle / area measure

Actually,shape->Sample(ref, u, pdf) returns the pdf in solid angle measure.The sample function in sample is actually this. ...
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How can I make the simplest physically based mixed specular-diffuse BRDF (and how to properly sample it)?

A common way of combining diffuse and specular brdfs is by using a fresnel equation. Essentially, for some specular materials, the amount reflected and transmitted (passed through the object) depends ...
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How can I step through a pdf file while maintaining a fixed viewport for each page?

PDF.js is a PDF viewer that runs in a web browser, using HTML and Javascript. It is quite usable (it's the default PDF viewer shipped with Firefox) and it has an API that can be used to script it. For ...
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How to find the importance sampling function for a specified BRDF?

PBRT3 is a really good resource and has a lot of brdfs in it. The book and source code are available for free online. Regarding oren-nayar, from what I can gather they are just using cosine weighted ...
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