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3 votes

Confusion over Microfacet-based BRDFs and Normal Distribution Functions

Actually, the confusion of yours mainly results from: My understanding is that microfacet-based BRDFs assume there is always a perfect reflection, but the true microscopic normal changes according to ...
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2 votes

What is a Gaussian Lobe concerning BRDF and NDF?

In a BRDF or NDF this most likely refers to a spherical Gaussian distribution, also known as a von Mises–Fisher distribution. It's similar to the usual Gaussian, but using the dot product between two ...
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1 vote

What is a Gaussian Lobe concerning BRDF and NDF?

Having a gaussian lobe usually means that your ndf is one or a weighted sum of gaussian distributions. Instead of your ndf, you can define your brdf in the same way. A gaussian distribution is a ...
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