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What is a nonrigid motion?

Generally a non-rigid transformation is motion that doesn't preserve the shape of objects. If you look at a typical transformation matrix, rigid transformations would include translation, rotation, ...
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Mapping the Left and Right Sides This step should be trivial. If I remember correctly, the CMU database animation skeletons have easily identifiable bone names. If not, then it's slightly less ...
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Why MOCAP data don't use simple point coordinates?

I'm not familiar with different motion capture file formats and exactly what they contain, but I have done some work on animating skeletons of life forms so here's my take on it. When you draw ...
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How can I reproduce the MatchMoving/MotionTracking technique from Just Dance?

The Kinect SDK has a skeletal tracking demo in the c++ api (BodyBasics). The skeleton you get is the same "topology" unless it fails to acquire the skeleton. So you can easily compare the left ...
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