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Best practice for managing many shaders and merging multiple shaders into one?

I target mobile/tablet devices with my product this is less of a concern with desktop GPUs. unity and unreal allowing full flexibility on adding shaders & materials at-will Well, Unity and ...
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MTLTexture getBytes returning blank image

This is more a comment than an answer, but since I'm new here with no reputation, I can't comment. I was trying to use your method 2 to read a metal texture (having hit problems with your other ...
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MTLTexture getBytes returning blank image

maybe you forget to call MTLBlitCommandEncoder.synchronizeTexture to sync VRAM to system memory. please check: and document:
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GPU not reaching 100% usage when frame rate is dropping

Generally, with VSYNC, your CPU is effectively doing nothing 99% of the time, as it merely sent the simple vertex buffer batch (few triangles, as you said) to the driver. If the shader is bandwidth-...
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