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Bresenham circle drawing algorithm, compute the distance?

After a short research, I found this site, which describes the algorithm. I didn't know it before. An important thing you didn't mention in your question is the calculation of the decision parameter $...
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What is the point of having integer-based draw routines in software rasterizer?

The following is really an assorted set of comments: Why integer? Floating-point hardware is (in general) far more complex than integer and so on many (old) CPUs it (a) might not have been available (...
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Points of a line given in global coordinates to calculate the pixels that are set using the midpoint algorithm without anti-aliasing

When drawing objects that exist in 3D space to a 2D plane (like your monitor or an image), there are a number of spaces that are useful to work in: Global Coordinates - Somewhere in your 3D world ...
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