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Why is my texture being stretched out on a triangle strip?

You are on the right track with setting GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_S to GL_REPEAT. However, ...
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Output to more than one canvas texture in processing with shader OpenGL

The generic term for multiple outputs from a fragment shader is MRT (multiple render targets). The fragment shader setup code is something along the lines of: ...
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Is glActiveTexture() still needed?

But I find that if I comment out the first line, that it appears to have absolutely no effect on my program. That's because TEXTURE0 happens to be the initial ...
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How to open and render in a second window with OpenGL / JOGL with NEWT

So after letting this lie for quite a while, I just came back to it. Turns out, the error was in my code with a faulty false return value which would lead to a <...
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