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2 votes

Fuse detailed road mesh with regular grid terrain mesh

I think the best way to tackle this problem would be to make an algorithm that works on a single triangle at a time. You'd look at each terrain triangle individually that the road intersected and ...
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2 votes

Projected grid water horizon detail

The technic what Benedikt mentioned is explained in Section 2.4.1 of this thesis. Implementing this should solve your ...
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1 vote

Light Falloff through a grid

It looks to me like you're resetting the distance calculation at each grid intersection? So every time you march another grid cell you're dividing the light intensity by $gridsize^2$ ? That would ...
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1 vote

In a shader, how to store fragment coordinates in a spatial partitioning from one pass to the next?

Though I have never used them myself OpenGL in modern versions gives you something called "Shader Storage Buffer Object" These are buffers that you can fill with your data. They are guaranteed to be ...
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