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2 votes

OpenGL and GLUT in x64 on Windows (Visual C++ 2019)

GLUT is outdated and abandoned. However there is a remake of GLUT library and it is called FreeGLUT. You can download sources from official page or complete library with compiled DLLs for windows ...
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2 votes

How to give C++ GLUT project an Editor/UI?

GLUT owns the window it creates. It can't share it with WPF, nor can it use a window created by WPF. If you want to have an OpenGL application render to a window owned by WPF, that may be possible, ...
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1 vote

Why is there a straight line between my bezier paths?

IIRC in another question, your said your Point class actually uses float x,y; for the coordinates. So one thing that can help is to shift the centers (the "...
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1 vote

How to detect when left mouse button is released in GLUT after being held in motion?

One common method is to store the LAST mouse button pressed and then test if the last state was not pressed compared to the current state. E.g. ...
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