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How much should I rely on Geometry shaders in WebGL?

WebGL doesn't even currently support geometry shaders, so to directly answer the question: 100% of all users.
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Opengl geometry shader input point to output point doesn't show any ouput

You are setting g_color after the vertex have been emitted so it will have no effect. EmitVertex() will emit the poition and ...
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draw on cubemap with help of geometry shader each triangle covers each cubemap face (why??)

After trying everything possible I found my mistake: The shaders are fine, the only thing which is wrong is the frameBufferObject binding. To be honest, the texture to FBO binding. the only thing I ...
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Is it possible to send Texture Buffer to shader dynamically?

These: glTexBuffer(GL_TEXTURE_BUFFER, GL_R32I, this->index_tbo); uniform samplerBuffer index_tex; Do not match. If the ...
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Vector graphics output from shader program

In OpenGL, there are 6 different shader types: Vertex Shader Tesselation Control Shader Tesselation Evaluation Shader Geometry Shader Fragment Shader (Pixel) Compute Shader The first 5 are part of ...
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Issue with declaring inputs to geometry shader?

The issue was that I declared out vec3 gModelPosition[] as an array in my geometry shader. It should have only been declared as a ...
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Geometry Shader Not Working

So as @Thomas mentioned, the issue seems to be the fact that I was passing "GL_LINE_STRIP" instead of "GL_LINE_STRIP_ADJACENCY" to the glDrawArrays() call. Apparently, "...
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Generating the end caps of a cylinder using triangle strips for use in a geometry shader

If the end of your cylinder is convex, with vertices $V_0, V_1, V_2,...V_{N-1}$ then just replace your fan order (i.e. as above) with this strip $V_0, V_1, V_{N-1}, V_2, V_{N-2}, V_3...$, i.e. just ...
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