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What is name for far lowcontrast blueish landspace?

In computer graphics the effect is called "atmospheric scattering", that's sun light scattering from atoms and other particles in the atmosphere. In modern computer games atmospheric scattering is ...
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Numerically integratable fog volume feathering along a ray

The value of an integration is the area under the curve between the limits of integration. Since the density of the fog is constantly increasing starting at zero until it reaches the density of the ...
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Adding two fogs

After some research i think i have final answer. General fog equation looks something like this: $$ L(t)=L_p\color{red}{T(t)} + \int_0^t\color{blue}{T(x)}\color{green}{\sigma(x)L(x)}dx $$ ...
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Ghosting in volumetric lighting

Temporal by definition will ghost. I’d limit past frame sampling, apply weight < 0.5, limit movement etc.
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What is name for far lowcontrast blueish landspace?

As Simon F says, the meterological phenomenon that causes this is haze. A physicist would call it an example of scattering, but the visual effect is known as aerial perspective. Reproducing this in ...
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What is name for far lowcontrast blueish landspace?

Do you mean haze? FWIW, in Australia the Blue Mountains get their name from the release of oil into the atmosphere from the eucalypts.
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