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Efficiently rendering sprites

A good way to improve sprite rendering efficiency is geometry instancing. This lets you define a mesh using one vertex/index buffer pair, then render many instances of that mesh in a single draw call ...
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Floating Point Operations in Line Drawing Algorithms

is it important with modern GPU architectures to avoid floating point operations in favor of integer operations? Almost certainly not. CPUs have a long history where for many years they only handled ...
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Is it possible to decode and play e.g. 60fps video as 30fps, if computer is too slow for 60fps?

It is likely somewhat possible, depending on how the video was encoded. The player can easily skip displaying half the frames but that won't gain us much. What needs to happen is to skip decoding some ...
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MSI GTX 950 2GD5T triangles per second

In my tests a GTX 1050 can do ~1B triangles with glDrawElementsInstanced(GL_TRIANGLES, .... That's roughly 2/3 of chip clock. Arguably ...
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