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6 votes

Can (and how so) shaders paint screen pixels beyond those that occupied by the shaded mesh?

When you use linewidth or line antialiasing or pointwidth or pointsprites, OpenGL creates for you a small rectangle instead of the line or point, with texture coordinates. Nowadays you can even ...
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5 votes

How to use 32 bit Integers for Element Indices in WebGL 1.0?

Enabling the extension is as simple as: var uints_for_indices = gl.getExtension("OES_element_index_uint"); if ...
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4 votes

What is required to limit the amount of draw calls in Unity?

There's quite a bit of information about this: Static/dynamic batching: basically combining objects into one super-object Atlas textures: combining textures into one large texture than only uses one ...
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3 votes

Can (and how so) shaders paint screen pixels beyond those that occupied by the shaded mesh?

One good way you can arrange for a circle (or other shape) to be drawn for each vertex in a mesh is to use geometry instancing. This is a GPU feature that allows multiple instances (copies) of a mesh ...
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2 votes

Bresenham circle drawing algorithm, compute the distance?

After a short research, I found this site, which describes the algorithm. I didn't know it before. An important thing you didn't mention in your question is the calculation of the decision parameter $...
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2 votes

What is the point of having integer-based draw routines in software rasterizer?

The following is really an assorted set of comments: Why integer? Floating-point hardware is (in general) far more complex than integer and so on many (old) CPUs it (a) might not have been available (...
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1 vote

drawing ellipse with rotation cause inaccurate result

I think you should transform your coordinates before checking if they touch the boundary. You seem to use a scatter approach and every pixel that touch the non-transformed ellipse will land on only ...
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1 vote

Drawing a square using glDrawArrays with GL_TRIANGLES

Doh !!! It was simply a typo ! A missing comma at the end of the line -0.5f, -0.5f, 0.0f // bottom left point What a relief !
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