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Understanding Jump Flooding Algorithm (JFA) for Voronoi Diagrams

I think that there is a bit of confusion in terminology. My understanding is that only the initially colored points, before step 1, are called seeds. Maybe this helps clarify the algorithm as well. ...
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Role of PDF of Uniform Random Sampling in a path tracer

Firstly, as @trichoplax correctly pointed out, your randomPoint function calculates a point in a cube, then uses rejection sampling to return all points that are inside a unit sphere. In order to ...
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2D sampling with multidimensional transformations

I'm not sure I've correctly understood the question, but here goes. You're trying to sample directions uniformly, so you've got $p(\omega)$, which is the probability of getting a particular direction....
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Integral over cosine weighted sphere cap/cone

As I was referencing PBRT, here are the functions I ended up with: ...
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Relationship between roughness and BRDF

Most normal distribution functions (NDFs) are parametrized by some variable (tipically $m$ or $\alpha$) that determines the "roughness" or "spikiness" of the NDF (this is often meant to be the rms ...
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Troubleshoot half vector sampling from a distribution (cook-torrence, trowbridge-reitz, etc)

The general idea for sampling half vector based distributions is that you generate $H$ and then compute $w_i$ by reflecting $w_o$ about $H$. This is so $H$ will be the half vector of your $w_i$ and $...
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What does GGX stand for?

According to E. Heitz (Sampling the GGX Distribution of Visible Normals) it stands for "ground glass unknown". I am not sure what the word unknown means though. By the way, it is equivalent ...
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Visualize the output of a Trowbridge-Reitz Half Vector Sampling Function

So for anyone who was interested - after studying the source material by Walter, I became convinced the error had to be in the rotation of the slopes back into "normal shading space". PBRT does this ...
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Relationship between roughness and BRDF

for each point $p$ in theory we have a 3D function that tells us the orientation in a given direction You have missunderstood this. $D$ is a Normal Distribution Function (or short NDF), so it doesn't ...
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Equally distribution on triangle surfaces

Barycentric coordinates need to sum to 1.0, so pick two of them (say $u, v$) randomly from [0, 1] and then set the third as $w = 1 - u - v$. This will give you random points that are evenly ...
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Using Monte carlo on Rayleigh scattering

For sampling a uniform volume you use the mean free path of a photon: float dt = -logf(1.0f - Xi) / uT; where: Xi is a random variable in [0, 1] uT is the ...
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