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Algorithms to Remove High Frequency Noise from Path Tracing

There are, and I am looking forward to seeing the specifics of other answers, but one way to deal with this is to not have the noise (or as much noise) in the source data to begin with. The noise is ...
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What is the basic idea of denoising?

Is denoising ALWAYS about doing a low pass filter / blur? No, but this is the most obvious technique. A good denoiser isn't just a filter that runs on the image, but actually performs the ...
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Algorithms to Remove High Frequency Noise from Path Tracing

One technique you could use is break the image into blocks and measure each blocks variance - this way you can apply more samples to blocks with higher variance. The variance can be estimated by ...
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Edge-aware spatial denoising (Ambient Occlusion)

I've also been working on GTAO denoising, and came across the same equation.The function is weighing the neighbouring samples by their depth-difference from the center sample, and also by their slopes....
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What kind of denoising must follow locally adaptive binarization?

Besides the suggestions in comments, I would suggest a high pass filtering to get rid of the low frequency noise, before running your local thresholding. Here an example with GIMP, that you can ...
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What is the basic idea of denoising?

It certainly isn't always about low pass filters (see for example here on WP on "Noise Reduction") but you have to keep in mind that in your case the noise will always have a high frequency because ...
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