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What is the difference in overlay and framebuffer?

As you've understood, the framebuffer is an array in memory that holds all the pixels to display on the screen. On a desktop PC, it's probably special memory on the graphics card, but in a SoC with ...
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How to get clean plate from moving footage?

There are a couple of techniques: A motion controlled camera - The camera is on some sort of rig connected to a computer. The computer is programmed to move the camera in a particular way. The camera ...
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Given a composited image, is it possible to find the color and opacity of an overlaid shape?

You can solve the colors by solving a system of linear equations if you make few assumptions: The alpha of the color wheel is constant (i.e. same for all colors in the wheel) The beige background ...
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How is HTML Alpha-Blending Different than GIMP?

I've discovered that GIMP (as of v2.10) has a new set of "default" blending modes which is what I used for creating my images. If, using the two images, I blend them using "legacy ...
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Can the framebuffer in OpenGL jargon or its color buffer end up being the one and the same memory location as the one scanned by a display controller?

Can it be (eg. if I run a video game full-screen) that the compositor could simply declare the application's off-screen buffer the same as its 'screen buffer' Yes. This is one of the things that &...
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How to get clean plate from moving footage?

Sometimes FX studios will use projection painting. The technique basically tracks the footage onto basic geometry and use different frames for different areas of the scene(an actor may be in front of ...
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