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How much should I rely on Geometry shaders in WebGL?

WebGL doesn't even currently support geometry shaders, so to directly answer the question: 100% of all users.
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What do the OpenGL version strings from glxinfo actually mean?

When creating a OpenGL context you have to specify a profile mask, which is a way of telling the driver whether you want to use compatibility ("legacy") features or not. Drivers are required to ...
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Dealing with OpenGL versions across multiple computers

After running across an aside in a tutorial and doing some further digging, I think I understand this now. According to the OpenGL ABI specification, only the functions defined in OpenGL 1.2 need to ...
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How can I test my GLSL code on different hardware?

I highly recommend getting at least 1 card from one of the other vendors like AMD. It doesn't have to be fancy, the cheapest thing you can get off ebay will help. Just make sure it supports the same ...
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