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convert right handed matrix into left handed forward/up/right vectors

I was applying the transform twice, here the solution: ...
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Converting points, vectors, normals between world and object space for a ray tracer gives weird results

I think you have the wrong order of matrix multiplication. ...
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Why does my uniform only update once?

I can send WM_PAINT messages with SendMessage or PostMessage, but the window wont be redrawn. To redraw the window I have to call InvalidateRect or InvalidateRgn. You can also use RedrawWindow. In the ...
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OpenGL and GLUT in x64 on Windows (Visual C++ 2019)

GLUT is outdated and abandoned. However there is a remake of GLUT library and it is called FreeGLUT. You can download sources from official page or complete library with compiled DLLs for windows ...
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