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Questions specific to raytracing (as opposed to scanline rendering), the 3D graphics technique of intersecting rays from the camera with objects in the scene.

16 votes

Raytracing: why are the spheres in the image below appear stretched?

Shapes appearing stretched in the periphery is a consequence of perspective projection. The wider the field of view (FOV) is, the stronger the stretching effect gets. To demonstrate the effect I wrot …
5 votes

Should ideal specular multiply light colour with material colour?

In this context, "perfect mirror" refers to a perfectly flat surface with a 0% (pure black) diffuse color. It is still possible though to have a specular color: for example a Christmas tree ball behav …
7 votes

How can I raytrace a scene that does not fit into memory?

If you organize your scene in a spatial structure (the usual way being a Bounding Volume Hierarchy), you can use a sort of virtual scene (I am making up this term, in reference to virtual textures). …
7 votes

How is Anti Aliasing Implemented in Ray Tracing?

Let's suppose a fairly typical raytracing main loop: struct Ray { vec3 origin; vec3 direction; }; RGBColor* image = CreateImageBuffer(width, height); for (int j=0; j < height; ++i) { for …