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Questions tagged [z-buffer]

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Silhouette edge detection alternatives to Sobel

I'm trying to implement a silhouette detection algorithm in post-processing. I've come across solutions based on Sobel/Roberts cross/... filters and I was wondering if there are more accurate ...
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Data type for coordinates

I am trying optimize routines for drawing primitive shapes for my custom 3D renderer. What is the best data type for representing a coordinate in 3D space? I thought that integer would be the best ...
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Obtaining sample position z value when using positions from depth buffer for SSAO

I was looking to implement SSAO; demonstrated on learnopeng ( While I have implemented the way they have done it i.e using a position texture for ...
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Examples of cases where you write depth value in Fragment Shader?

I've very less knowledge when it comes to rasterization and typical rendering in games and other applications. So I was reading up on the rendering pipeline and found that the hardware could do early ...
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