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Is it possible to create a forced focus with a dual layer of images in order to Avoid eye strain with Virtual and Augmented Reality?

Would eye tracking allow for the alignment of a dual layered image (a google glass like device and a screen or projection) to provide a way to force the focus of the eyes into to a real life ...
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What vergence angle is commonly used for "infinitely far away" objects in stereoscopic displays?

I think that VR / AR experts will know the answer to this. At what vergence angle are "infinitely far away" objects such as star field textures drawn in head-mounted VR / AR displays ? I ...
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Rendering Crystal Clear 3D Text in VR

Would it be possible to make text significantly more legible in VR? I know there are hardware limitations, but are there hanging fruit techniques that aren't being employed in 3D that are in 2D (...
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Converting from 360 degree vr to rectangular

What I am interested in doing is taking a 360 degree stereo video (Oculus Rift etc), and a description of how the viewing direction changes with time (rather than reading from gyroscopes) and then ...
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