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3 answers

What is "Scanline Racing"

I've heard a lot of people working on VR talk about scanline racing and that it's supposed to help improve latency for motion-to-photon. However, it isn't clear to me how this can be done with OpenGL....
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VR and frustum culling

When rendering VR ( stereo view ) environments, do you guys recommend just doing 2 frustum checks for determining what is to be drawn during the frustum culling pass or is there some other check that ...
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6 votes
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Instanced Stereo Rendering vs. Multiple Command Buffers

Source In this webpage from Nvidia, the author(s) seems to imply that you could create a command buffer for each eye on separate threads. However, I don't see the benefit to this over instanced stereo ...
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Cloud based VR would be the future?

According to the following assumptions, I think Cloud based VR would be the future: 1) Real world scene rendering needs ray tracing or other complex computing graphics technologies. It needs a lot of ...
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